Senior residents at Cedar Gardens Personal Care Home enjoy top in-home safety features. We have 24-hour awake caregivers, emergency protocols, door security, fire alarms, sprinklers, emergency call bell system and more!

At Cedar Gardens Personal Care Home, our residents safety is the utmost importance to us. Knowing that residents are comfortable, safe, and can get around on a daily basis with ease is at the forefront of our goals. For this reasons Cedar Gardens has put care and planning into each of our homes to ensure the very best.

In-Home Safety Features

One aspect that immediately sets us apart from other care homes is that all of our homes single level (no stairs, no elevators) making it a breeze for seniors to get around on a daily basis. Each home is wheelchair accessible and has following safety features throughout our homes to put your mind at ease:

  • Ministry of Health Certified
  • 24 hour on-call and awake Personal Caregivers
  • Emergency Situation Protocols
  • CPR & First Aide Trained Staff
  • Call bell Systems in all private rooms and bathrooms in the event of an emergency
  • Ambulatory and family notification in the event of an emergency
  • Door Security: alarms on all doors to alert the staff of any outside guests entering homes
  • Fire alarm system
  • Fire and sprinkler inspections
  • Carbon Monoxide and smoke detectors
  • Locked basement door & cleaning closets
  • Fenced and locked courtyards
  • Handrails down all hallways
  • Raised toilet seats and arm rails for convenience and safety

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