Personal Health Care

Cedar Gardens Personal Care Home offers exceptional care to our residents with 24 hour Personal Care Assistants, geriatric specialized family physician, nurses, pharmacists, mobile lab, and professional foot care.

Cedar Gardens offers excellence in health care for our residents. We accept a variety of residents including those who require a 1 person assist, respite or palliative care.

If our residents have an immediate health concern or request, we see to it that they are taken care of with our on-call, top notch medical staff.

Personal Care Givers (1:10 ratio)

  • Our first level of care is our Personal Care Givers who are on-site and awake 24 hours 7 days a week.
  • Our caregivers have their Personal Care Home Certificate, Medication Module Certificate, First Aid & CPR Certificate, and have their food safety handling certificate.
  • All our caregivers are required to have a Criminal Record Check and Vulnerable Sector Search upon hiring
  • Our caregivers treat our residents with the utmost respect and care making their needs a top priority 24/7. Because they work so closely with the residents, they often build a strong relationship and bond with them.

Nurse (LPN) (RN)

  • We have a nurse who comes in and does a head-to-toe assessment and reviews all medication of our residents once a week (or more upon family, residents or caregivers request).
  • Our nurses are able to do special procedures for patients when needed (i.e.: catheter insertion, urine culture, wound care, etc . . . )
  • Our nurses are also available to provide special care and assessments to any patients with ongoing health issues (i.e.: diabetes, mental health, dementia, warfarin)

caregiver and elderly woman reviewing a book

On-Call Family Physician

  • We have our very own geriatric physician who comes in once a week to see the residents and review their medical files.
  • Offers small procedures, regular check-ups, and writes prescriptions for residents.
  • Our doctor offers same-day in house appointments if a resident should require any immediate medical attention.
  • Has great communication with our pharmacists and staff
  • Will accept new clients
  • Vaccinations

Cheetams Pharmacy

  • Provides in-home visits to our residents on an on-call and monthly basis with staff, residents and family physician
    24/7 on-call pharmacists
  • Specialized diabetic pharmacist whom works very closely with our residents
  • Weekly and same day medication drop-off: bubble packing & pill splitting
  • Monthly Foot Care from a certified esthetician
  • Vaccinations

Cedar Gardens works as a team to ensure our residents health and wellness are number 1. Part of our commitment to health includes regular team meetings to discuss patients files and medications to ensure that everyone is aware of each residents health needs.

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