Struggling to keep up with tasks of daily living? Considering a personal care home in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan? Cedar Gardens offers a unique experience including 24 hour personal care, activities, exercises, delicious daily menu and much more!

Change is Good: Start Living Your Best Life!

As we age it can get harder and harder to keep up with the tasks of daily living: cleaning the house, shopping for food or other necessities, paying multiple household bills, doing laundry, making meals, remembering to take medications and keeping up with daily hygiene can all become daunting and exhausting. Not to mention the feelings of loneliness and isolation when you don’t have the social interaction you need. [Studies show that social interaction helps contribute to a positive outlook and the overall sense of well being.] As we age another key to wellness is to stay active both physically and mentally. It is important to challenge yourself and to continue to participate in daily exercise or hobbies.

Feel Revitalized at Cedar Gardens!

No one likes change; it’s unfamiliar and sometimes unwanted. But it is inevitable. Being an active part of making decisions on changes that will affect you, can help to make the transition easier. Don’t think of a personal care home as “change,” think of this as the next exciting chapter in your life. You get to decide where you live, the services you receive, and the care you are given to make day-to-day life easier. At Cedar Gardens Care Homes we welcome you into our community and want to make your experience the absolute best.

The Cedar Gardens Experience

At Cedar Gardens Personal Care Home we offer everything from private relaxing rooms, to social activities, to light exercise and delicious meals. We also take care of the tedious daily tasks that you may have grown tired of doing (i.e.: laundry, shopping, meal preparation and cleaning). Below is a list (and small description) of what you can expect as a resident at Cedar Gardens Personal Care Home. If you would like more information, please contact us directly by phone at 306 290 4151. We can’t wait to meet you and set up a tour of one of our homes!

As part of your personal and unique experience, our Director of Operations will take time to get to know you and discuss your new home goals so that we can place you in the location that best suits your personality and needs!

Here is a list of the many features we offer at our senior-focused homes! We have 4 locations and been offering excellence in residence to Saskatoon’s Senior Population for over 20 years.

  • Private Rooms
  • Accommodation for Couples
  • 4 Levels of On-Site Care: Personal Care Givers, Nurse, physician, and Cheetam’s Pharmacy Team!
  • Safety Features (all our homes are ONE LEVEL with wheelchair accessibility and NO STAIRS)
  • Services
  • Senior Focused Activities & Hobbies
  • Exercise Programs
  • Delicious Meals and Snacks

Start Living Your Best Life!

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