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Cedar Gardens Personal Care Home in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan offers seniors four locations! All homes are one level with no stairs which includes a private room, bathroom, kitchen, social room, and outdoor area.





Cedar Gardens is proud to offer four unique, beautiful locations to choose from. Our Director of Operations will help you select a residence that matches your needs and personality. We want you to enjoy making our home your home! The following is included in every residence at our care homes:

Private Room

  • Includes a twin bed & mattress, nightstand, dresser, a comfortable sitting chair, free in-room cable TV, and private phone line.
  • Each room has the safety of an emergency call bell system to reach our caregivers at any time.
  • Couples Placement: If you and your spouse are looking for a residence we are happy to convert one room into a shared bedroom and the other room can be used as your private living area.
  • We encourage residents to decorate their rooms as they would your own home. Make it personal and comfortable for you!


  • Our homes have multiple shared clean bathrooms
  • All bathrooms are wheelchair accessible
  • A walk-in jacuzzi tub & sit showers for convenience and safety
  • Call bell System in each bathroom to our on Personal Care Givers for your safety
  • We also assist with personal hygiene

Shared Kitchen/Dining Area

  • Our homes have a shared kitchen and dining area for residents.
  • We offer a delicious and nutritious full-service menu to our residence for their pleasure and convenience

Shared Social Room

  • All our homes have a bright and spacious shared social/living room where residents can visit, relax, or engage in activities.
  • Fully furnished
  • TV & Cable

Shared Courtyard

  • Fenced courtyard for safety
  • Shaded area with patio furniture (seasonal)
  • All of our yards feature annual flowers, plants and fresh vegetables
  • We encourage any residents who enjoy gardening to help us out in the decorating and gardening process each year

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